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Video conferencing solution for government industry

The characteristics of the government industry: numerous government departments, complex organizational structure, more internal communication result in more frequent meetings. In order to improve the efficiency of government communication and save meeting expenses, video conference has been widely used in government offices at all levels

Challenges for clients

The characteristics of the government industry: numerous government departments, complex organizational structure, more internal communication result in more frequent meetings. In order to improve the efficiency of government communication and save meeting expenses, video conference has been widely used in government offices at all levels

The following challenges were posed to the conference system:

● Government bodies require a meeting system that quickly and efficiently conveys the spirit of policy, decision-making and superior meetings to departments, thus reducing travel time and costs for staff and greatly improving government efficiency.

● Different government branches use different brands of MCU products for meetings, which needs considering compatibility of them.

● There are many levels of government bodies, which requires that provincial, municipal, and county-level government bodies meet independently or in groups at multiple levels to support multiple networks and different bandwidth environments.

● high importance of government meetings requires a stable conference system, good conference effect and good confidentiality;

● There are few IT maintenance staff in the government, which requires the system to be simple and easy to use and operate.

● Conference recording storage: for some important party committee meetings, can selectively record storage to follow-up play and check


In order to meet the needs of government conference, ValueHD introduces the video conference system based on high-definition and security. It is an essential link in the construction of government informatization to provide government and enterprise users with rich applications that go beyond the traditional means of communication, including long-distance audio-visual conference, internal training, command and dispatch, timely communication, etc. .

The ValueHD high-definition video conference system provides high-definition video conference terminal, MCU and other products. The overall solution has the characteristics of high-definition, low-bandwidth, security and stability, interconnection, ultra-large capacity access, etc. In this way, to meet the government branches, travel personnel at any time and place zero-distance communication, helping the government intelligent communication, efficient decision-making.

This plan uses IP network organizes to hold a meeting. IP technology has practicality, economy and flexibility, and has become the mainstream of technology development after a large number of network applications and tests. At the same time, combining with H. 264 High Profile and other technologies, governmental clients can realize HD 1080p and above high definition video on IP network, realize H. 239 dual-stream technology, static, active dual-stream and various display modes.

Product Highlights

● Embedded DSP solution: embedded DSP hardware solution, high efficiency, low delay. Telecom-grade quality enables the entire system to operate at a high level of stability 24/7.

● Standard Protocol, convergent and interoperability: support for the standard SIP, H. 323 protocol, compatible with the industry mainstream standard terminal and network-side equipment.

● Low broadband, high definition: support the latest H. 264 HP coding standard, compared to the previous generation of compression standards can save about 50% bandwidth.

● Built-in high-definition MCU function (optional) : optional built-in MCU, the maximum can support 1 + 3-end high-definition video conference, very suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises on low-cost video conference, simple maintenance requirements.

● Built-in VPN: Support built-in VPN (server/client) , no need the private network, can also enjoy the private network experience.

● Infrared Transmission: the terminal supports the serial port to receive the infrared signal. When working with the specified camera, the terminal can receive the infrared remote control signal through the camera. Even if the conference terminal is hidden in the back end, it can satisfy all the terminal control.

● A variety of microphone access: support digital microphone, USB microphone, analog microphone and other audio input solutions, to adapt to different meeting scenarios, to meet more audio needs.

● Bilingual audio simultaneous transmission: the video conference terminal not only supports simultaneous input of two different languages and simultaneous output of two different languages, but also supports flexible sound mixing and coding output of two languages;

● Remote, local recording and broadcasting: support the function of remote recording and broadcasting, only one PC can realize the function of conference recording and broadcasting. Support USB flash disk recording, plug and play, meeting records are secure and confidential.

● Full-open API: Full-open API, provide a full range of audio and video capability control interface, facilitate the development of third-party applications, easy for re-develop customers to achieve customized requirements.

● Flexible network traversing: support H. 460 firewall traversing technology to solve the public and private network security connection.

● Ultra-high network security: in H. 323 network, the video conference system supports H. 235 signaling encryption and AES media stream encryption; in SIP network, it supports TLS signaling encryption and SRTP Media Stream Encryption, the security of the meeting is greatly ensured.

● Network transmission protection: support RTP transmission protection, without manual intervention, the terminal can do automatic analysis, automatic identification and protection for RTP stream, and self-examination and recovery to abnormal stream. In the case of serious network packet loss, the packet loss delay is automatically perceived. In the case of serious network packet loss, can open FEC proprietary technology, 20% packet loss has no impact on the system, 25% packet loss conference can still be normal.

Value of customer

With years of advantages in the field, ValueHD uses high stability, high definition, high security, recordable, easy operation, professional video conferencing solutions to meet the business needs of customers. The use of high-definition video conferencing systems for executive order transmission and collaborative work has greatly enhanced the effectiveness of communication, saving valuable time, energy and funds while improving management and decision-making efficiency, fully showing the video conferencing real, efficient, real-time advantages. It improves the government communication efficiency, saves operating costs, and enhances management effectiveness. On the system structure, the system application, the system management, the system performance and so on, it not only can connect with the existing video conference system, also adapt the future video conference and the multimedia application development, may carry on the convenient expansion and the upgrade, which protects your investment to the fullest extent.